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Send a press release in August. You have a good chance of getting picked up by media personnel. Ask me why. In September, LAST Research and Editing is celebrating its 25th anniversary in business. New clients get 25 percent off the price of services. 
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“We are glad we worked with Louise and LAST Research and Editing. Her attention to detail is awesome, and she communicated with us easily. Definitely an editor that we would recommend and will for sure be seeking more assistance from her in the near future. ” Fong Chua, author of MAKE MORE and Work Less.
The LAST Word in Meeting Your Marketing Needs. 
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Are you a small business owner? Do you have challenges getting your content to the public? Do you feel overwhelmed by social media questions? Do you need help with marketing?

We can answer all your questions! When you hire LAST Research and Editing, you get the best editing, writing and marketing in Florida! Give us a call now so we can help you figure out the best marketing plan for you!

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